Whom to Prefer? – Experience or Education?

In the corporate world this has always been a question that what matters the most? Education or experience, whom to prioritize and given importance? What should be the basis of selection and how to justify this? How does an employer choose an employee? A candidate with years of experience is better or a graduate with a bachelor’s degree is better?education-vs-experience

There are a lot of questions that comes up in one’s mind when he thinks about the comparison of both of them. Don’t simply accept that somebody with a higher education is set to be employed into an administration position and can assume responsibility of an assembly of individuals. For those of you have not served in the military this is the reason the Armed Forces have senior enrolled ranks to bail that new out of the foundation lesser officer not lead his troops into a waylay. Allowed there are those lesser officers who have neglected to grasp the years of encounter that accompanies the stripes on their senior enrolled tutors sleeve and has paid the consequences for it.

Some of the countries are now working on this part by offering accredited and widely accepted work experience degrees to facilitate those who have great years of experience but don’t have a degree to justify their level and designation. This is a fact that education and experience works side by side. Nothing is superior to others. Both are equally important. It is my feeling, when you enlisting an administrator who is set to be accountable for individuals working in a nature’s domain, don’t make instruction the center of your meeting methodology. I am pleased with my professional educations and the training that those exceptionally respectable and authorize schools presented on me. They didn’t show me connected administration and you can’t take in authority from a book. Regardless of what number of you read.

You can instruct yourself about principals of initiative from productions, however all in all as with any hypothesis, they don’t work until you have a chance to place them into practice. Not everybody could be a guide of individuals, regardless of what amount of hypothesis you have sponsorship you. It takes an exceptional individual to have the capacity to handle the multifaceted nature of administration.

The bottom line of this whole post it, don’t limit your criteria to one thing only but understand the need of your job posting and decide accordingly. Education and experience both have certain importance and worth which cannot be replaced or alternated with each other. (College Credit for Life Experience)

(To get information regarding education base degrees and to get a list of universities giving an option to buy accredited degree read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accredited_life_experience_degree)


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